Saturday, August 25, 2018

Uber hikes prices in South Africa

Uber has hiked minimum fare charges across the country.
According to the group, the minimum fare charge for all UberX
rides is being increased from R20 to R25. The change came
into effect from 31 July.
However, it noted that the previous minimum fare of R20 will
still apply to all trips starting in Soweto, while the Port
Elizabeth uberGO minimum fare has also changed from R17 to
“Even with this small increase, Uber remains one of the most
affordable and efficient ways to get around your city. You
will still enjoy the reliable service you have come to expect
from us,” it said.
The price hikes come on the back of a small increase in the
petrol price in South Africa. Even though both grades of
petrol (93 and 95) only increased by a cent on Wednesday, it
still marks the fifth consecutive month of increases –

with more hikes expected
Uber drivers went on strike in June 2018, protesting against
the 25% service fee charged by Uber per ride.
Uber said it was looking to trial a ‘tiered service fee’ for
drivers, where the more trips completed by a driver-partner
and the higher their rating, the lower their weekly Uber
service fee is.
“As more drivers look to Uber as an earning opportunity, this
small increase will still make it possible for riders to
access affordable transport whilst providing profitable
earnings for driver-partners,” it said.

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