Monday, August 27, 2018

Sasol: Engineering Internships 2018 / 2019 in Secunda

Sasol invites applicants to apply for Internships programme
for the academic year 2018/2019 in Scunda. This role is for a
position in the graduate development program. The graduate
development program (GDP) is based on a three year training
period in Operations and Technology. Within this training
period you will be assessed every 6 months to demonstrate
competencies developed and highlight areas which require
focus. After being declared competent at the end of the 3
year period, you will become eligible to apply for vacant
Engineer positions. (Subject to the availability of
Internship Application Closing Date:
30 July 2018
Internship Provider: Sasol
Internship Location: Secunda/Sasolburg,
Qualifications and experience required:
The position requires a minimum of a B.Eng / BSc. Degree in
Mechanical / Chemical / Electrical / Electronic / Industrial
Engineering or a BSc. Degree in Geology with limited or no
practical experience or, will have a B.Eng / BSc. Degree in
Mechanical / Chemical / Electrical / Electronic / Industrial
Engineering by the end of 2018.
Functional Outputs
  • Learn and understand the Sasol value chain (including
    Operations, Technology (Engineering and Project Management),
    its products and applications, test methods and equipment in
    context of discipline learning.
  • Understand the Sasol Operations Standards Framework and
    how to operate within it.
  • Learn how to translate theoretical knowledge into
    practical application that will add business value.
  • Understand the importance of planning and integration.
  • Learn to utilize engineering systems, tools and standards
    (own, local and international) in own work and projects.
  • Understand how your business unit fits within your
    Operating Hub and the Sasol value chain.
  • Understand the impact of upstream- and downstream units
    on the operation of your allocated plant and vice versa.
  • Develop a sound understanding of [discipline] engineering
    generalist knowledge and sound understanding with regards to
    process equipment (e.g. design and safe operation thereof).
  • Develop selected detailed knowledge in defined fields of
    [discipline] engineering.
  • Be able to define a business opportunities, by using the
    correct indicators.
  • Be able to define business risks, applying the business
    risk assessment tools such as the probability risk ranking
    matrix, specific job risk assessment, etc.
  • Support the execution (follow technical instruction to
    enable) of an engineering scope of work for small
    multidisciplinary projects (i.e. Tier)
  • Support and follow instructions to execute the operation,
    design, engineering, development and/or modification of
    processes/equipment in accordance with sound established
    engineering principles and standards to satisfy business
  • Correctly preform Technical and Economic evaluations of
    small projects, ideas and modifications.
Skills and Competencies
  •  Language skills – English proficient
  •  Excellent communication skills
  •  Analytical thinking
  •  Problem solving skills
  • Computer literate (MS Office)
  • Takes accountability for driving own growth through
    developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and
How to Apply
ACCEPTED. Apply by sending the word EIT via Facebook
Messenger on our Facebook page at or SMS
the word EIT to 33162. It will take a maximum of 12 SMSs at
R1.50 each. You may only apply once.
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